Your invite to our workshops (come along and get £25!)

5 of our customers are already involved. Why not sign up and help them make sure we’re doing the best we can for our customers?

With your feedback and ideas, we’re updating our ‘Asset Management Strategy’ – we know it’s a mouthful, but it just means how we look after all the things that make up your home and the surrounding area over the long term. And we promise it’s important and does impact you. 

As a BIG thank you, we’ll give you a £25 voucher (guaranteed!). All you need to do is come along to both our workshops. 

What is 'asset management'?

'Asset management' is how (and when!) the Trust invests in your home and the surrounding areas. It can include your boiler or your kitchen, for example.

Your home needs continued investment and checks to make sure it’s safe and fit for purpose. So, ‘asset management’ isn’t day to day, general repairs or maintenance, it’s a longer-term approach about the safety and quality of our homes.  

When are the workshops?

Workshop 1 

Tuesday 5 September, 10-12pm.  

  • A member of our leadership team will talk to you about our vision and what we’d like to do 

Workshop 2 

Tuesday 3 October, 10-12pm 

  • We’ll propose a strategy – including your ideas from workshop 1 
  • We’ll look at how to share the strategy with all our other customers With your help, we’ll decide on how best to share the strategy with all our other customers 

Workshops will be held at our offices: Ropewalks, Newton Street, Macclesfield, SK11 6QJ. The deadline for signing up to our events is 25 August 2023.

Can't get to our offices?

  • We’ll cover the cost of your bus, train or taxi.  
  • We’ll cover the cost of childcare or care for anybody else who needs your support on those days. 

If you want to come along but are busy on the day of our workshops, email and we will pass your messages onto the group during the workshops.

You can also join our Digital Panel, if you’d like to help us out with feedback online once every couple of months.   


Fill out the form below to let us know you’re coming. How else will we know how many biscuits to bring? 

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