Life-saving work in Poynton

Thanks to a touching donation from a Poynton family, our electricians have been able to install a defibrillator at the entrance to Wickfield Mews on Copperfield Road, Poynton.
Many thanks to Peaks & Plains who have been able to provide a densely populated area of Poynton with a suitable site to locate our latest 24H AED to further improve our network and therefore response times whenever they may be required.

Cllr. Kevin Booth, Poynton AED Group

This project is part of a larger initiative that is run by  Poynton Town Council's AED Group. 

In memory of a local resident

This particular machine was funded by the family and friends of local resident Andrew Graham, who died unexpectedly at the age of 54.

The family's generous donation to provide two 24H AED units to further improve the availability of emergency defibrillators to local residents in Poynton.

Poynton AED Group along with Poynton First Responders have arranged the purchase and installation of the units.

They asked us to get involved and, of course, we said yes! 

Care and servicing

Poynton Town Council CCSO team will carry out checks on the units as part of their regular patrols and a full list of available units is available via their website.

How to get in to the box

The AED’s are located in locked boxes with a key pad. You can get the code by calling 999. 

How to use a defibrillator


Picture from left to right: Councillor Kevin Booth, Andy Hodgkinson, Greg Statham, Harry Foster, Jack Layden

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