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Parking and abandoned vehicles Back

Parking is increasingly a hot topic in local communities and can be a cause for arguments among neighbours. As the years have gone by and households have more and more cars, it has caused problems for people in finding a suitable space near their home. We understand that coming home to find the space outside your house taken up by next door’s car or van can be frustrating.

We encourage all of our customers to park responsibly by keeping driveways, roads and garages clear of vehicles, to allow access and by not parking on grass verges, communal gardens or open public spaces. Customers should also note that they should not park caravans, motor homes or other vehicles, including heavy plant trailers or boats on the property or on any paved areas around the property if it causes a disruption to their neighbours.

Problems with parking

If there are allocated spaces in the parking area, people should only use the space that is allocated to them or their household.

Whilst we understand it can be frustrating if people do not do this, the parking spaces are only an indication and Peaks and Plains cannot enforce it if people park incorrectly.

If you are experiencing issues like, we would encourage you to speak to your neighbour face-to-face help resolve the problem.

If you live at Middle Walk or Ella Grove in Knutsford, please contact TSP Car Park Management on 0844 846 7131 for information on the parking permit scheme.

Abandoned vehicles From time to time, a car or other vehicle may be abandoned by its owner. If you discover or suspect an abandoned vehicle, please consider whether your neighbour may be away with work or on holiday before reporting it to your local Highways Department.

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