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Damaged and neglected homes, graffiti and fly tipping Back

Living next to or near a damaged or untidy home or where there is graffiti or dumped goods and rubbish can affect how much you enjoy your home and the local community. All Peaks and Plains tenants are responsible for keeping their home in a good state, repairing any damage they cause and/or reporting damage and wear and tear, so that it can be fixed.

What types of damage and neglect are there?

A damaged or neglected home can take many forms and it could happen quickly through intentional damage or over a long period of time from not being taken care of. It could also be a result of the person’s lifestyle, for example, what may seem like a collection of items to your neighbour could be too much clutter which puts people or the property at risk.Here are some examples:

  • Broken or boarded windows or external doors
  • Guttering hanging off or removed 
  • Holes in walls
  • Exposed wiring
  • Internal doors hanging off or removed 
  • Overgrown gardens
  • Clutter blocking walkways, beds or doors 
  • Sofas or other household goods left in gardens

What will Peaks & Plains, as your landlord, do?

Once we become aware, we will look into it and depending upon the circumstances, we may:

  • Insist the tenant repairs the damage or improves the state of their home. 
  • Repair the damage ourselves (if damage is intentional, we will usually charge the tenant for this).
  • Support the tenant if their lifestyle, for example, people who hoard items or people who misuse alcohol or other substances, is causing the problem.
  • Take enforcement action if people consistently and willingly damage or neglect their home, which could resort in legal action and even loss of their home in serious cases.

What should you do if you spot a damaged or neglected home, graffiti or fly tipping?

If it is a Peaks and Plains property or on Peaks and Plains land, let us know using the below form.

If the graffiti or fly tipping is on public land or highways, please contact your local Council.

If the graffiti is abusive or discriminatory, it could be a criminal offence and you should contact the Police.

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 If you suspect a property has been abandoned, please complete this form.

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