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What is a mutual exchange - A mutual exchange is where social housing tenants (council/housing association or other registered providers) can swap properties with other social housing tenants.

Find out if you are eligible

Can I swap properties with anyone, anywhere - Yes, providing they have the right to mutaully exchange within their tenancy agreement and they are a social housing tenant within the UK.

If you've previously exchanged your home, you'll need to have lived in your new home for 12 months before being eligible for a mutual exchange again, as well as satifying the Mutual Exchange application conditions.

Could a mutual exchange be rejected?

Yes. We may refuse your mutual exchange for the following reasons:

  • We have served you with a Notice of Seeking Possession within the last 12 months
  • If either applicant has any rent arrears or other debt on their current tenancy
  • We have started Possession proceedings against your home
  • A relevant order is in force against you or a member of your household, such as an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction or a Demotion Order
  • By allowing the mutual exchange to take place the property would be over or under occupied in line with the below bedroom standard
  • The property has been adapted for a disabled person and is not suitable for the person with whom you wish to exchange
Bedroom Standard
Bedroom Need
Single Applicant
Studio/One Bedroom
One Bedroom
Person aged 16 or over
One Bedroom
Single Child from birth
One Bedroom
Two children, both under 10 years old
One Bedroom
Two children same sex, aged 10 – 16 years old
One Bedroom
Two children opposite sex, one over 10 years old
Two Bedrooms


If you think that your mutual exchange might be refused because of these or any other reason, please contact us to discuss your circumstances before submitting your application.

Could I lose any of my rights - Yes. For example if you are on an Assured tenancy and you swap with a Fixed Term tenancy you will inherit the tenancy end date.  We strongly recommend checking the tenancy type of the person you want to swap with. We also recommend seeking independent advice.​

How do I find an exchange - You can find an address to exchange to on

Please be aware, we will need an application form from yourself, and any other applicant.

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