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Damp and condensation Back

What is Condensation?

Condensation is water vapour in the air. When this comes into contact with a cold surface such as a window or wall, the vapour becomes a droplet of water  you can see. Obvious signs that you have condensation in your home include:

  • Water running down windows
  • Damp patches on walls and uninsulated ceilings

Where does mould come from?

Mould appears when mould spores come into contact with a source of moisture, which causes the spores to multiply. Most common moulds are black or dark green. Mould growth is often found on walls and the back of furniture which is too close to a wall. You can also find it in cupboards and wardrobes. A high level of moisture will cause clothes in a wardrobe to be covered with a powdery mildew.

Can I get rid of mould?

Yes! Wash down mould growth on wallpaper or on window frame edges with a mild solution of bleach. If you have mildew on clothing, make sure you thoroughly dry items before washing or dry-cleaning them.

How do I reduce condensation and mould growth?

  • Keep your rooms warm at all times during cold weather
  • Make sure rooms are ventilated when in use, cooking or running a hot bath or shower
  • Keep doors closed, particularly the kitchen and bathroom, and leave a window slightly open after a bath or shower
  • Don’t leave the kitchen door open when cooking
  • Don't leave the bathroom door open when bathing
  • Wipe condensation from windows in the morning
  • Use an extractor fan if you have one
  • Don’t leave the kettle or pan boiling longer than necessary
  • Don’t dry clothes on a radiator or use a front-vented tumble dryer without a vent to discharge the water vapour outside
  • Don’t stand furniture too close to a wall. This will stop air circulating
  • Don’t block ventilators, especially where any form of gas heating is in use
  • Don’t allow mould growth to build up on any surface
  • Don’t leave condensation to run down windows, causing puddles to form on the window sill

Please be aware that condensation is worse in the colder months.

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