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Please refer to the following guidance before installing any aerials including television, CB aerials and satellite dishes at your home. Customers must make sure that they read and fully understand the following information when considering whether their property is  suitable.

Where there is access to a communal digital television system, permission will not be granted. You must always check with the local authority whether planning permission is required.

Please also be aware that if your property is rendered (i.e. your brickwork is not exposed or is covered) or is part of a new development (within the first 12 months of being built), we cannot give permission to install a satellite dish.

Type of Accommodation

Aerials we will allow without permission

Houses & Bungalows

  • One dish allowed
  • No more than 70cm in size
  • If the dish is installed on the chimney, it must be no more than 45cm in size

Flats & Maisonettes

  • Two dishes at most on the entire building (up to three stories)
  • Four dishes at most on the entire building (above three stories)
  • No more than 70cm in size
  • Dishes cannot be installed on a wall or roof where they are visible from a road or public footpath, without planning permission


If you require a dish that is larger than 70cm to receive programmes in other languages, you must get planning permission before installing the dish.

We will not unreasonably say no.  Where permission is given, the dish or aerial must be positioned in such a way that minimises its visual impact and the dish or aerial must be removed when no longer needed.

Customers are responsible for maintaining any digital equipment that they install during their tenancy.

Any damage caused during the set up / installation of a satellite or TV aerial is your responsibility, and this may result in a chargeable repair.

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