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Pets and other animals Back

If you live in a high rise flat or sheltered accommodation you are not allowed to keep a dog unless it's an assistance dog.

Suitable pets

To make sure a pet is well cared for and to prevent animals from becoming a nuisance, we have some conditions that all our customers need to stick to. 

The table below gives more detail. 

By the way, it's fine to keep any of the following in our properities:

  • small caged birds
  • rabbits
  • fish
  • non-venomous insects
  • non-venomous reptiles.

Type of accommodation

Pets we allow without permission

Sheltered accommodation including – Chapel Court (Wilmslow), Harry Lawson Court (Hurdsfield), Holmfield (Alderley Edge), Ivy House (Weston), Ryles House (Moss), Shrigley Court (Bollington), Winstanley House (Knutsford), Range Court (Hurdsfield) & Pennine Court (Hurdsfield) House cats
Assistance dogs
Homes with their own access (eg houses & bungalows) Dogs
Homes with access via communal areas (eg flats) House cats
Caged rodents
Homes with suitable outside space where facilities exist for proper care Chickens

For further information on pets in your home please click 'here'

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