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Ending the tenancy of a family member who has passed away Back

We're very sorry about your loss. Please remember that we're here to help, if you have any concerns please get in touch.

Signatures and forms

Please complete this End of Tenancy form.

It needs to be signed by the next of kin or the executor of the estate. 

We also require a copy of the death certificate.

These can be handed in to our Customer Experience Team or posted to us.

Email us if you are not next of kin or the executor of the estate or if you would prefer us to post you a paper copy of the form.


Notice period

Four weeks’ notice is required. The notice period will then start on the Monday after we receive the signed and completed form with the death certificate.

Unfortunately if you don't send us a copy of the death certificate, we can't end their tenancy. If you don't send this in the notice period, the estate of the person that has passed away might be charged for further rent.

Any entitlement to housing benefit stops on the Sunday following the date of death, meaning that rent will still be due until the tenancy ends, which includes the four weeks' notice period.

If your family member or friend received housing benefit, you need to inform Cheshire East Council of the date of their death.

  • Contact Cheshire East Council on 0300 123 5013.

Rent is due until their tenancy ends and the keys are to be returned before 10am the Monday following the tenancy ending.

If there is a credit this will be paid to the estate or the executor of the estate.

After you've let us know, we will contact the next of kin to confirm we have notice and the date the tenancy ends. We'll also send the rent account balance (up to the date we sent the letter), and arrange an end of tenancy property inspection.

End of tenancy visit

During the end of tenancy visit we will carry out a final inspection and also discuss:

  • Any repairs and maintenance the home needs
  • Whether you want to leave any items such as carpets or curtains

Unwanted items

You can donate any unwanted items of furniture to local charities like Age UK or Cheshire Streetwise Furniture. They will come and collect them at a convenient time.

For more information call:

  • Age UK on 01625 440776
  • Cheshire Streetwise Furniture on 07719 509061

Handing in keys and clearing the property

When you return your keys to us, we’ll give you a receipt for the keys and/or fobs.

It’s important that all belongings are removed from the property, including emptying the loft, clearing the garden, including all sheds and outhouses, and removing all white goods and kitchen appliances.

Unfortunately, if items are left in the property, we’ll have to charge the estate for removing and disposing of the items.

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