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Fire Back

You must report all fires to the fire service on 999.

Please also contact us on 0800 012 1311 to report any damage to your property to arrange an electrical check.

If you have a fault with a hard wired smoke detector please click here

Are you aware that Cheshire Fire Service offer a free home safety check? For further information please visit their website:

Find more our Sheltered Homes fire safety leaflet here.

Further useful information on fire safety in your home can be found here

Our Responsibilities

Our Estates Team also carry out regular inspections of communal areas to identify any fire risks. We ask for customers' assistance to make sure your home and communal areas are as safe as possible.

We will be working with all of our customers to make sure that we manage fire risks in our communal areas, and will be advising everyone to keep communal areas totally clear and to store any personal belongings within customer’s homes. Please contact us on 0800 012 1311 to report any fire hazards in a communal area or block.

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