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Your Views Matter

Complaints, Compliments, Comments and Suggestions

The Customer Champion is responsible for the monitoring of customer feedback in order to highlight trends for areas of service improvement, as well as, reporting on these themes to assist in delivering continuous improvement across the Trust. The Customer Champion monitors the Trust's complaint process, gives advice to investigating staff members in relation to procedures and timescales, and is the central point of contact for all customer feedback.

Make a complaint

We aim to get things right first time every time, but we realise that sometimes we fall short of these high standards. If you are unhappy with a service we have provided or the way we have treated you, please let us know. We see customer complaints as an opportunity to put things right and we will make service improvements to ensure we don't make the same mistake again.

You can complaint when we;

  • did something wrong
  • did something that should not have been done
  • failed to do something that should have been done
  • treated someone unfairly
  • failed to deliver what was promised

Your complaint will be received by our Customer Champion who will try to resolve your complaint quickly without the need of a formal investigation. However, if this cannot be achieved, a formal complaint will be recorded.

Make a complaint

Give us a compliment, comment or suggestion

Anyone who receives services from us can make a compliment, comment or suggestion using the form below.  

We value all our customers' views and all feedback is received by our Customer Champion who ensures that your views are either passed on to the right team, monitored to highlight trends, or if required, responded to.

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Change how we do things

Why not get involved with us? We have several groups which look at what we do, our customer services and how we can improve. Click here to take a look.

View our Complaints Policy and Procedures

You can make a complaint in person, by telephone, via email, on our website or by completing a complaints form.

The Trust's procedure has a 2 staged approach:

Stage 1 - The Manager or Team Leader of the service area will organise an investigation of your complaint and will provide you with a written response within 28 days of acknowledgment of the complaint. The Trust will aim to complete 80% of responses within a 14 day timescale.

Stage 2 - A Senior Manager of the Trust will review the complaint in full and will make a decision whether the Stage 1 complaint response was accurate. They will provide you with a response within 21 days of acknowledgement of the stage 2 complaint.

If customers remain dissatisfied once the Trust has exhausted the internal complaints procedure, they can complain to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

Housing Ombudsman Service
81 Aldwych
(Tel: 020 7421 3800/E-mail:

Your feedback

To ensure we listen to our customers' views and act upon them, all your feedback from complaints, compliments, comments, suggestions and satisfaction survey results, is monitored for themes. The following actions have been taken by the Trust in response to your comments.

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