Our Board & Executives

Our Board & Executives

Our Board is made up of representatives from three groups: tenants, council nominees, and independent people.

The Board's role is to set our strategic direction, monitoring our progress towards objectives and make sure that we're performing as agreed. Though each member is nominally drawn from a stakeholding group, this is only relevant in as much as it relates to the experience they bring; when considering Trust business, Board members are individually and collectively responsible for pursuing our best interest.

We advertise Board vacancies, which offer an excellent opportunity to become involved with the running of the Trust, on this site.

Our executive team are responsible to the Board for day-to-day and operational management of the Trust, our performance, and making sure we achieve our full potential.

You can find more information about our Board Members and Executive Team by clicking on their name below.

You can also download the Board's meeting minutes on the bottom left of this page.

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