News from the Regulator

On 25 March 2020 the Regulator of Social Housing published their judgement about Peaks & Plains Housing Trust.

Here is our response to their statement.

Our statement

John Hudson, Chair of Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, said: “Following self-notification to the Regulator for Social Housing, we have been preparing for a reclassification. In July 2019, we notified the Regulator of two main compliance and governance issues. The first related to a breach of the Home Standard as noted in the Regulatory Notice published in December 2019. In addition, the Trust reported a loan breach in July 2019, which the funders described as technical. This was rectified as soon as it was identified, and to the satisfaction of both our funders.

“Improvements are ongoing as part of a robust action plan, with the clear aim of restoring and enhancing the governance standard the Trust is better known for. We’ll continue to work closely with the Regulator to improve the Trust’s position as quickly, responsibly and as considerately as possible in the interest of all of our residents.

Clearly an immediate priority is responding to the coronavirus crisis. We have acted quickly with a view to ensuring the safety of all our residents and staff and maintaining support services at this critical time"


A: We understand that this news may raise specific questions about your own home. Anyone who is any way worried should get in touch and we’ll be able to give you more specific advice and reassurance about your home.


Call: 0800 012 1311

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