News from the Regulator

On 5 December 2019 the Regulator of Social Housing published a regulatory notice about Peaks & Plains Housing Trust.

Here is our response to their statement.

Our statement

John Hudson, Chair of Peaks & Plains Housing Trust said: “The Regulator of Social Housing acknowledges we are working effectively to make improvements that will ensure compliance with the Home Standard.

“This follows our self-notification to the Regulator, which was based on an independent report that we commissioned.

“This report outlined where we could improve our health and safety compliance. Of course, this is a hugely important area and our key focus.

“Since these issues first came to light we have been working hard on remedial works and how we record data. We will continue to work through our detailed action plans until we have successfully embedded new, safer ways of working.

“It is the Board’s priority to complete this series of improvements as quickly, responsibly and as considerately as possible for the continued safety of all our customers and staff.”


A: We understand that this news may raise specific questions about your own home. Anyone who is any way worried should get in touch and we’ll be able to give you more specific advice and reassurance about your home.


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