Dealing with your complaint

When things go wrong we want to know so that we can look into the problem and put it right.

We have a three stage complaint procedure:

We need to get back to you in two working days so that we can resolve the issue quickly.

We need to respond within 10 working days.

At this stage, we need to respond within 15 working days.

How we performed in 2018/19

Informal complaints table

The informal complaints were focused on the following areas:

  • Repairs (82)
  • Asset Improvement (48)
  • Asset Cyclical Maintenance (27)
  • Estate Management (19)
  • Customer Experience (17)
  • New Tenancy (13)
  • Development (12)
  • Trustlink (11)
  • Income (7)
  • Neighbourhood (3)
  • Finance (2)
  • IT (2)
  • Tenancy Support (1)
  • Safer Communities (telecare) (1)

The formal complaints were focused on the following areas:

  • Assets (5)
  • IT (2)
  • Repairs (2)
  • New Tenancy (2)
  • Development (1)
  • Estates (1)

Compensation claims

We received 31 compensation requests.
We paid out a total of £2705.88 in compensation and goodwill payments. The largest single payment was for £480.

MP requests and Ombudsman

If your complaint is still not fixed we will refer you to your local councillor, MP or the Housing Ombudsman.
We received 46 MP Requests for information. One complaint went to the Housing Ombudsman, which was later dropped by the customer. Their complaint had been resolved.

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