Our strategic plan 2020 - 2023

Find out about our plans to be a great landlord, be a resilient business, and create great places to live.

Our purpose: Helping improve lives

In November 2020, our directors developed our strategic plan for the next three years based on our purpose of 'helping improve lives'.

Our focus

At the heart of the plan are our three key priorities. We will use these to determine how we prioritise our resources, how we will deliver against our purpose for the next three years, and how we will judge our success.

We commit to being a great landlord, being a resilient business, and creating great places to live.

We will do this by

  • Providing safe homes that are well maintained
    to support healthy lives
  • Listening to our customers and deliver services
    they need
  • Matching the right customer to the right home
    to create lasting tenancies
  • Knowing our customers

We will do this by

  • Creating a positive culture and be a great place to work
  • Being a profit-for-purpose organisation
  • Ensuring full asset compliance
  • Having strong, effective governance
  • Using an effective risk and control framework
  • Delivering value for money in all our services
  • Ensuring a single version of the truth
  • Having a finance structure in place to deliver our longer term ambitions

  • Deliver or have under construction the new homes
  • identified within current development pipeline by 2023 (our current programme will deliver more than 200 new homes)
  • Improve the neighbourhoods that we manage
  • Invest in our existing homes to maintain the decent homes standard
  • Better understand the energy performance of our homes, and improve it where we can
  • Develop a long term carbon reduction strategy, that does not impact adversely on fuel poverty
  • Work with local stakeholders and residents to play an active role in placemaking
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