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Here are the answers to your questions from our resident consultation on 11 January 2022.

The work in each of the maisonettes will be split into two types; electrical work, which includes the replacement of the consumer unit from a plastic unit to a metal one and the upgrading of the fire alarm, and then the fire stopping work.

The electrical work will take approximately 2 days and the fire stopping work approximately half a day.

The work is being completed by separate contractors but we will try to ensure that they work at the same time to minimise disruption.

It is unlikely that there will be a need to move furniture as most of the work will be completed in the kitchen and bathroom areas. However, our contractors may need you to empty kitchen cupboards so that they can access vents going through the wall.

If furniture does need to be removed where our contractor needs to access the roof void they will advise of this.

As with all works there will be a small amount of mess. We do not anticipate that this will be excessive and our contractors will take steps to ensure that it is kept to minimum. They will also clean up after themselves and your home will be left in the same condition it was when they arrived.

There will be no costs incurred by tenants of Peaks & Plains Housing Trust.

There will be a cost to leaseholders for this work.

The estimated costs for the work will be advised as part of the consultation process and will include the costs of any work that is optional such as replacing the consumer unit and upgrading the maisonette’s fire alarm. The final amount will only be known once the contractor has had the opportunity to assess the work required in each maisonette. We know that there will be variations depending on the number of vents or pipes that pass through the external wall and also whether the separation between maisonettes is intact.  Where the separation between maisonettes needs to be completed, the cost will be divided equally between the two properties.

There will also be a cost for the work carried out in the communal areas which again will be advised in due course.

Yes. Once we have planned the programme of works we will share the schedule and regularly update progress against it.

For leaseholders

As soon as we have a programme established for completing the works, the work will be assessed by our contractors in each of the maisonettes and a detailed quote provided.

This work is separate to the service charge.

Once the work has been completed we will send an invoice for payment.

This can be paid as a single amount. If you would like us to consider an alternative repayment proposal we will do this on a case by case basis.

If you would like to obtain your own quotes for the work to be completed then you can do this. Any contractor that completes work of this type will need to have third party accreditation for fire stopping works.

Useful documents and session recordings

You can find your leaseholder handbook here.

Session for Tenants



Session for Leaseholders

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