Peaks & Plains Housing Trust joins national campaign day to celebrate supported housing

Starts at Home, now in its second year and run by the National Housing Federation, celebrates how supported housing helps hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people regain their independence and confidence.

Like other housing associations, we provide a wide range of vital supported housing services including sheltered accommodation, independent living services, a range of wellbeing support and housing for those with disabilities.

We’re joining in with this campaign at a time of uncertainty for the future funding of supported housing. The National Housing Federation and its members are campaigning to persuade the Government to commit to ensuring that every person who needs extra support has a home that meets their needs.

Tim Pinder,  Chief Executive of Peaks & Plains, said:

“Our Purpose is Helping Improve Lives. For some of our customers this simply means providing a secure good quality and affordable home. But for many others it’s about a range of additional support that they need to thrive independently. We’re proud of our caring, committed staff who provide this much needed support and are please to support the NHF’s Starts at Home Campaign”.

Find out how one of our sheltered properties and our Trustlink service provide Maureen with the help she needs to stay independent and less reliant on her family.


Julie’s life was turned around when she received help to move into a more suitable home and was encouraged to get involved with her community.

Alan suffered a setback when he had a stroke at an early age. Our wellbeing services have helped him to stay safe in his own home and to feel more connected to his community.


David Orr, Chief Executive at the National Housing Federation said:

“Supported housing helps people to live independently and achieve their aspirations in a safe and secure home. It is a critical time for supported housing; we must highlight how vital a lifeline it is to so many vulnerable people and show Government why supported housing should be put on a secure and sustainable footing for the future.”

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