Getting to know our expert Gas Team - Day 5

Our Gas Administrator, Claire, reminds customers how important it is to report repairs straightaway and for us to attend annual service checks.

What is the best thing about your job?

It was hard to pick just one thing I like the most, so here are three of the best things:

  • First and foremost - helping tenants stay safe within their homes
  • Working with the Gas Team and the sense of achievement when jobs are completed and tenants are happy
  • The sheer variety of the job – no two days the same!


Why is it important that we attend annual gas services?

Customer safety – this is of paramount importance.
Making sure we are keeping our tenants and their families safe in their homes.

You’ll find answers to common questions about gas servicing here.

Here is an example of why it is important to act fast and report repairs straightaway:

Whilst on the phone a customer mentioned she was having headaches/feeling sleepy when sat by her fire. We acted immediately and capped her gas, then completed a full CO investigation (to investigate further).  It turned out that the gas fire was spilling CO.
Our quick response potentially saved her life.

Making sure you are safe and comfortable in your home is very important to us. Find out more about gas safety in your home here.

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