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A friendly note to your neighbour Back

Speaking to your neighbours face-to-face is probably the best way of helping them understand how the issues are impacting you. Nevertheless there may be times when you feel more comfortable writing them a friendly note because, for example:

  • You do not know your neighbours at all.
  • You are not both about at the same time.
  • You are concerned it may end up in an argument.

If you are going to send your neighbour a friendly note, ensure:

  • Your note explains specifically what the problem is, for example, explain that you can hear their music at 1am when you are trying to sleep, and note that it is loud enough that you can hear all of the lyrics.
  • You offer a proposed solution in your note, for example, suggest that they reduce the volume by a third, or ask if they could use headphones after 10pm.

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