Be a great landlord

Our first priority is to be a great landlord.

A great home from Peaks & Plains Housing Trust:

  • provides people with stability and certainty for them and their family;
  • allows them to put down roots and to have a steady platform from which to develop their lives.

Don't take our word for it. Research shows that a good home plays a vitally important role in people's health and wellbeing. That's why our first priority is to be a great landlord.

How we will do that

We will:

  • be honest and clear with our customers about what we offer and what we expect in return;
  • match the right customer to the right home to create lasting tenancies;
  • find out more about our customers and their needs so that we can be ready to help;
  • refine and improve our core services and offer additional paid-for ones too.

  • Read the full Five Year Plan
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