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We worked with software vendors – and added some valuable bespoke features - to develop our new online repairs and gas service system, which gives our customers the ability to schedule and track their appointments.

Zero staff intervention

The end result is a solution that efficiently books repairs or gas servicing that requires zero intervention by our staff.

This is made possible by the system's unique logic, our own integrated dynamic scheduling and a simple and intuitive interface. 

Customers as developers

Putting our customers at the heart of the build, we commissioned UX consultancy Sigma to run workshops and carry out thorough user testing.  

In true agile style we took the approach of designing, refining and rethinking on the fly. For example, as we worked with customers it became clear that they would love to be presented with the next available day appointment – so we built that into our solution right in front of them.

Appointment and workload planning

We wanted our customers to be able to request a repair or schedule a gas service for a time that suited them. Using Capita’s secure repairs and maintenance web services in conjunction with Kirona’s scheduling solution we developed new logic that now also allows a customer to pick a location, a room, a fault and even upload their own photo.

Easy diagnosis

This shift for us represents improved value for money, allowing us to dispense with software which we used to use and which incurred maintenance fees – whilst still giving customers the ability to self-diagnose repairs and the flexibility to reschedule their appointments.

Now that the system is live we'll be watching carefully to see how it performs so that we can continue to improve it and build on these early successes.


  • Sigma are specialists in user experience consulting and design, information management, and web technologies.
  • Kirona specialises in dynamic resource scheduling and other management solutions.
  • Capita develops social housing management systems including Open Housing.

Written by Aileen O'Riordan at 00:00



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