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Garages available for rent will be posted on this page every Tuesday.  The Trust will close ‘bidding’ on the following Monday and begin contacting successful applicants. Each applicant may only ‘bid’ on 2 garages in one bidding cycle.

Priority for allocating garages will be given in the following order:

Top priority Trust Tenant without garage tenancy
Medium priority Trust Tenant with garage tenancy
Low priority Non-Trust tenants (including leaseholders)


Trust tenants must also have a clear rent account at time of allocation and also have a 6 month history of clear account. Trust tenants must also have no outstanding former tenants arrears.

Please be aware, we will also take other factors into account regarding your application, such as the start date of your tenancy and the date of your application.

If you wish to apply for a Trust garage, please select a garage from the list below and complete and submit the application form. Please note that the list of available garages is updated on a weekly basis:

List of current garages:

Garage 11 Meriton Road

Garage 2 Princes Way, Weston

Garage 20 Range Court, Hurdsfield

Garage 14 Kirstall Close, Westminster Road

Garage 22 Park Crescent Lacey Green, Wilmslow

Garage A  Beaumont Court, Handforth

Garage 23 Wenlock Close Westminster Road

Garage 5  Pembroke Road, Weston

Garage 6 Harrop Road, Bollington


Cost breakdown for current garages

  • Trust Tenants: £8.38 per week
  • Non-Trust Tenants: £10.06 per week

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