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Structural & fixtures Back

You must have written consent from us before removing, building or installing any structures such as a garage, parking area, shed, greenhouse, and outbuilding within the boundary of the Property or in relation to any alterations or improvements to the property. You will be responsible for all maintenance and repairs to any structure you install with or without our permission.

If you make any additions, alterations or improvements to the Property or any garden area without our written permission, we may ask you to put the Property back in its original condition. If you fail to do so, we may seek a court order and ask you to cover the costs incurred.

You are responsible for repairs to the property, to fixtures or fittings that do not belong to us, and for repairs to any alterations or improvements you have made to the property.

Any works carried out by you must comply with all current building regulations and planning permission. You must make sure you employ suitably qualified contractors for all installations and repair works.

Request Permission to Make an Alteration at Your Property

Please note that only the registered tenant(s) of the property is eligible to apply for permission. Please complete and submit the following online application form:

Request Permission to Make an Alteration at Your Property

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