Report A Repair
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Report A Repair

When you report a repair the amount of time we take to do the work will depend on the priority group it falls into. The categories we use have changed recently as part of our repairs service review, and are shown below:

1. Emergency repairs - to be completed within 24 hours

For example:
- Risks to health and safety, e.g. major electrical faults or gas leak
- Total heating failure in winter
- Major leaks that cannot be turned off

2. Urgent repairs - to be completed within 7 calendar days

For example:
- Minor electrical or plumbing faults
- Other heating faults (e.g in summer)
- Communal TV aerial not working
- Minor leaks

3. Routine repairs - to be completed within 28 calendar days

For example:
- Repairs to doors, windows & floors
- Dripping taps if not causing damage
- Repairs to kitchen units

4. Planned work - to be completed within 3 months

For example:
- Gutter cleaning
- Fencing repairs (where there is no health and safety risk)
- Grounds maintenance (grass and hedges on communal areas)

Please note that any requests for service sent via this website will only be accessed during normal working hours. If your request is urgent we would recommend that you call us directly on Freephone 0800 012 1311.